10 Potent Questions for Gathering Superior Marketing Insights

Gathering information through question and answer is a crucial step to any successful Marketing initiative.  There are some great online resources that can help you find the most widely adopted Marketing questions to use.  But applying the the right set of questions based on the situation is only the start.  As you face more pressure to amplify your Marketing ideas and solutions, you need potent questions to get participants responding strategically. Think about the subtleties of how questions are worded and your ultimate intentions.  Here are the 10 potent Marketing questions that can help you gather Marketing insights to amplify any initiative:

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The 10 potent marketing discovery questions, ryan campbell marketing blog

Q1.  Articulate the unique value you deliver.

Q2.  Why did “evaluators” not buy or transact?

Q3.  What will you do, for the market?

Q4.  What is the biggest success that could come from this undertaking?

Q5.  Describe the passion for this?

Q6.  How will customers solve problems with your solutions?

Q7.  How urgent are those problems?

Q8.  What are the two “silver-bullets” that will beat your competition?

Q9.  Who does NOT currently buy your product or service, but should?

Q10.  Explain how this initiative supports or advances the vision?

The language you use matters in the questions you ask.  If the respondent isn’t challenged to answer thoughtfully, you’re missing a critical opportunity to gain the knowledge you need for stronger Marketing solutions.

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