Advance with Geomarketing

The practice of geomarketing has been around for many years, with common applications including territory planning, pricing, retail location mapping, distribution, and media planning.  Recently, more powerful technology around location intelligence has enabled industries to use geography in new and creative ways.

Geomarketing blog post,
Geomarketing blog post,

For marketers looking to get into geomarketing or just advance their current efforts, there is good news.   Many of the tools already in your marketing toolbox have robust geomarketing capabilities.   Web analytics, social media listening applications, CRM plug-ins,  and media related tools, can all offer geographic data.

Here are some geomarketing applications that may expand your view of what can be done.

1.  Hyper Targeting – A memorable story for me comes from a past client using web analytics and mapping software to compile a detailed view of zip codes that were responding better to certain marketing offers.   Using this “zip code map”, the marketer was able to hyper-target prospects in core zip codes, while creating alternative offers in other zones.  The hyper-targeted geographic approach helped to increase marketing conversion rates while bringing down expenses in areas too costly to compete for leads.

2.  Storytelling – I recently saw an example of a food processing company sharing a map that displayed the different types of holiday meals consumed in different geographies.  Deciding how to collect and use geocoded data can actually become a catalyst for your storytelling effort.  Too many companies have difficulty defining the “why”, falling back on the “what and how”.  Geographic data may provide new and alternative angles to look at your product or business.

3.   Personalization – Several years ago I had the opportunity to work with a national flooring company.  Using geocoded data, we were able to help them identify neighborhoods with the greatest cluster of high-end floor installations.  Personalized messaging sent to customers and their immediate neighbors, helped the company get prospects to view floor installations at the homes of satisfied customers (their immediate neighbors and friends) versus making a showroom visit the first visit before nurturing.

4.  Promotion – We all know the power of Geo targeted Ad servers;  your mobile device offers you sunscreen and ticket deals as you pass near the baseball stadium on a sunny day.   The scavenger hunt offer that is based on your lifestyle interests and the city you live in.  And of course, rewards, coupons and prizes all based on your check-in activity.  Promotion is certainly the one category where your imagination will not be limited by geomarketing technology.  Make your brilliant ideas come to life.  These ideas will flourish because of the passion they evoke.  Even beyond the immediate results, the ideas will continue to yield in the infinite web ecosystem.

5.  Content Marketing.  As the content marketing arms race becomes more challenging, geomarketing can serve as a differentiating factor.  I am a big fan of proving that content marketing can work for businesses as referenced in my recent blog post:    Take time and peel back the layers of geocoded data to see how it might help build better infographics, eBooks, or marketing insights.

Geomarketing has become an important and accessible practice for today’s Marketer. Use the many online resources already at your disposal and advance your marketing programs.


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