Make Your Marketing RUDE

About twelve years ago, one of my Marketing mentors taught me the simple acronym RUDE.  We used it extensively in the tagline exploration and evaluation process.

Rude Marketing framework, Ryan Campbell Blog,
Rude Marketing framework, Ryan Campbell Blog,

R- Relevant

U- Unique

D- Defensible

E- Easy to understand

At the time, it worked great to help our team narrow down a large field of possible taglines that were generated during brainstorming.  It worked great with clients, providing them a memorable framework that made decisions objective.

Fast forward 12 years, and admittedly fewer tagline projects come across my desk as the world of Marketing becomes more vast and fragmented.  Somehow, the RUDE framework seems to keep re-emerging.  More and more I  find new applications of the framework as it remains relevant and useful.  Here are some interesting applications where you might be able to apply RUDE:

  • Creating a unique selling proposition or positioning (foundations for a tagline)

  •  Determining a thought leadership platform

  • Big Creative themes

  • Developing corporate mission statements or diagrams

  • Company or product naming

  • Creating Marketing campaign headlines

  • Entering new markets or targeting new customer segments

  • Titles for books, eBooks or other long-form content

  • Product or service innovations

If you reside in the fast-paced exciting world of Marketing, don’t be afraid to be RUDE.   It might help you simply the complex in your next endeavor.

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