Planning your business relationship framework – East meets West.

I have always admired the passionate inspirations formed at the fusion of East meets West; food, culture, fashion.   We have been transforming organizations to improve their relationship management systems using this same philosophy.  A diagram we use extensively highlights the power of fusing business roles with personal roles. (see image).

Creating the social business, via Ryan Campbell, PureMatter Inc.
Creating the social business, via Ryan Campbell, PureMatter Inc.

The stability of this framework is formed by people, process and technology working together.  Process and technology are important pillars, but they can usually be found and implemented easily, with a little research and effort.  The intersection or fusion of an employees business role and personal role, is where the magic of East meets West lies.

Your organization will bring more meaningful relationships to life when you mentor every individual to provide something unique and valuable.    Today’s empowered prospects, customers, and partners expect that individuals (not just the brand) answer questions, share advice, and even ask for their business across the social web.

If you can transform people and their passion, the process will protect your brand equity and constituents.  The technology will allow you to organize, measure and quantify, just as you have come to expect from your traditional customer relationship framework.


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