Social Media Instrumentation

Social media instrumentation includes objectives, performance benchmarks and even points of integration.  For the past few weeks I have been revisiting much of what we accomplished during 2014, and how we might measure differently in 2015.  Coming out these planning exercises, I am left with some larger questions.  I decided to share these questions to solicit collaboration, but also to help others begin to plan for their own 2015 improvements.


What will you do differently in 2015?   Social media networks are changing at a  pace that requires business leaders to adapt quickly.  Don’t rely soley on the  metrics you liked in 2014.  Add new ones, and migrate away from less useful  ones.

Will we find a “one-stop-shop” integration solution for social media  management and instrumentation?  There are many application vendors telling  you they have that solution.   But the truth is, the best reporting and decisioning  still comes from using many different tools that have their own points of  specialization.

Is 2015 the year social CRM?  Technologists have invested in social CRM (salesforce acquisitions, the rise of systems like Nimble).    But are sales teams investing their mindshare and transforming behaviour?  Social CRM requires individuals to evolve beyond phone and email relationships.

Have you discovered a social media KPI?   Most brands and individuals have learned the basics behind social media metrics or “performance indicators”.  But few have been able to define the metrics that matter the most.  Those metrics that will have a significant impact on their business (KPI’s).

As I face these larger questions, I hope they will help you think more deeply about your 2015 instrumentation.  I look forward to your comments and thoughts on social media instrumentation.


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