Strengthen your business case for content marketing

Content marketing is without a doubt one of todays shining stars.  Its popularity has created vast amounts of noise, launching a content arms race.   Successful content marketing can be a bonanza of inbound leads, and the reason most brands need to engage in the race.   Many organizations hesitate in participating, because of the time and energy required to launch content marketing.  Your business case should start with inbound lead metrics, but here are 4 additional benefits that organizations should not overlook when evaluating the decision to embrace content marketing.

Take the content marketing business case beyond inbound leads, Ryan Campbell blog

1.  Reputation – Today, good reputations are built from delivering exceptional products, service and experiences, not advertising.  Content marketing is a tremendous opportunity to engage individuals without them fully experiencing your product or service.   Incubating these positive experiences will build your reputation by backfilling existing customer testimonials and references.  Not embracing content marketing places limits on the reach of your reputation growth.

2.  Practice optimizations – When content marketing is organized and done right, it drives an organization to map valuable insights to customer needs.   To do this, the team will need to evaluate existing marketing assumptions and transform their ways of thinking.  Maximizing value from content marketing should include optimizations across current marketing practices.   You should set goals for the external and internal outcomes.  Internal benefits include: a content matrix, new customer segments and scoring rules, a content/PR calendar, and stronger distribution and governance models.

3.  Trading on new relationships –  Product, service and experience companies alike, are successful through trading on relationships.   A blind spot exists for most organizations when it comes to hidden or unknown opportunities and relationships.   In today’s hyper-connected world, content marketing coupled with social media distribution, affords organizations the chance to connect into new circles.  Just one new circle of influence can create thousands or millions of new valuable relationships on which to trade.

4.  People get involved – Content marketing done right will transform the way an organization consumes and shares information.   The more employees thinking about creating and sharing unique intellectual perspectives, the better.  Start with a small group of team members, and watch as participation becomes infectious.  Over time the result will be new contributors, new ideas, and cultural enrichment for the organization.

In conclusion, your organization should be involved in content marketing and focused on the inbound lead opportunities that grow your business.  Work on a business case anchored with inbound lead forecasts but dont forget to include these additional benefits:  Reputation management, practice optimizations, trading on new relationships and getting people involved.

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